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Component parts: worm gearing (H & T) features

SATURN uses Worm Gear Drives on all its Wire Rope Hoists, Drive Tractors and Bridge Crane End Trucks as standard.  Worm Gear Drives are rugged and reliable and offer smooth and quiet operation.

Due to their inherent friction, Worm Gear Drives also act very similar to brakes by retarding motion.  For that reason, brakes are generally NOT required on all SATURN Worm Gear Trolleys, Drive Tractors or End Trucks.  Heavy capacity, high momentum systems operating without VFD controls are sometimes the exception.  In these cases, the trolley or crane may roll more than the acceptable limit without a brake.

For High-Ratio Worm Gear Hoists, there are some major advantages over other hoists.

  • High-Ratio Worm Gears safely control the lifting load without the need for a Mechanical Load Brake.
  • High-Ratio Worm Gears are inherently Self-Locking thus these hoists are very capable of acting as 2nd stopping brake and also holding up a load.
  • Worm Gear Hoists have very Low Maintenance as fewer moving parts lead to fewer repairs
  • High-Ratio Worm Gear Hoists Conform to CMAA, ASME and OSHA guidelines

Hoist Worm Gearing
Hoist Worm Gearing 3D Model

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