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Component parts: control packages (hoist, trolley, crane)

SATURN offers various Control Packages for all our Hoist and Crane Equipment.  Whether it is Standard or Custom, SATURN can build the control panel of your choice.

(VFD) Control Packages are slowly becoming very popular and are almost standard on all new equipment these days.  The benefits of (VFD) Controls by far outweigh its initial costs.  (VFD) Controls allow the operator to precisely and safely control the load.  Acceleration and deceleration rates and 2-speed control limits are all set to best support the given application.  Any wear induced on mechanical parts over time when using (VFD) Controls is much less.

Please see our photos below for further reference on SATURN control panels. 

SATURN Panel With VFD Hoist and Trolley Controls
SATURN Custom Control Panels

SATURN Custom Controls With Radio

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