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Drive Tractors: Custom tractors

SATURN can customize a tractor to meet your push/pull needs. Our Extra Heavy Duty T-200 tractors are always built custom for the specific application.  In general, these tractors are categorized by requirements of 2 to 3 Horsepower.  They are very rugged units typically used in high capacity situations above 15 Tons, on inclines or in environments with severe conditions.  Many of these units are engineered and built with a Positive Drive Mechanism, the most popular of which utilizes a Chain & Sprocket instead of the standard drive wheel.  (See Photos Below)

Other SATURN specialty tractors include our Free-Wheeling Tractors available with electric or manual release option and our Hand-Geared Tractors.  (See Photos Below)

For further information about these tractors or other special application tractors please contact our sales office.

T-200 Model Tractor
Positive Drive Tractor – Chain & Sprocket
Positive Drive Tractor
Hand-Geared Tractor
Free-Wheeling Tractor – Manual
Free-Wheeling Tractor – Electric

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